In 2013, meetings of the Bereavement Support Group were held. The initial meetings were attended by five people, but at each subsequent meeting more and more parents of deceased children joined the group.

The most numerous members of the group were the parents of the patients of Promyczek Hospice, who died in 2012 and this year. Parents whose children were treated and died in oncology wards or other hospices were also admitted to the group.

At the end of 2013 the group includes 15 people. In addition to psychological assistance at the meetings, important dates and holidays (birthdays of deceased children, mother’s day) were also mentioned and celebrated by the participants.

If you are mourning the death of your child, come to the meeting!

Report your presence in advance –


Paweł Dobrzyński, Tel No. 509-731-513


We also invite you to the support group page on facebook: