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Statute of the foundation

Resolution No 2/2015

resolution was passed on 01.08.2015 on the approval of a consolidated text of the Statutes of the Foundation’s branch.
Statute of the Home Children’s Hospice Promyczek.

Chapter I
General provisions
§ 1

Home Children’s Hospice Promyczek, hereinafter referred to as ” Hospice”, operates within the Foundation Home Children’s Hospice Promyczek, as a separate branch, established and maintained in order to conduct therapeutic activities.

§ 2


§ 3

The Hospice was established by the Promyczek Home Children’s Hospice Foundation, based in Otwock (05- 400) at 80 G. Narutowicza Street, (National Court Register 0000336442) by virtue of the resolution of 20.10.2009, as a public benefit organization , pursuant to the Act of 24 April 2003 on public benefit organizations and volunteerism. This activity is not an economic activity within the meaning of the provisions of the business and commercial law. The Hospice’s public benefit activity may be conducted as a free of charge or paid-for activity. Free of charge activity of public benefit is providing services on the basis of legal relationship, for which the Hospice does not receive any remuneration.

§ 4

The Hospice operates in particular on the basis of the Act of 15 April 2011 on Medical Activity and other relevant provisions of generally applicable law, agreements on the provision of services in the scope consistent with the statutory activity, the Statutes of the Promyczek Home Children’s Hospice Foundation and this Statute.

Chapter II
Objectives and forms of the operation of the Foundation

§ 5

The aim of the Hospice is to provide palliative hospice care to children with life-limiting diseases, cancer and chronic and incurable diseases of the developmental period, causing a significant degree of disability, making it impossible for them to live independently and forcing them to provide highly specialised care and daily medical supervision at home.

§ 6

The tasks of the Hospice include in particular:

  • Providing palliative care for children with life-limiting diseases, especially cancer and neurogenetic diseases, in the patient’s home;
  • Long-term care of sick children, including elements of social care and assistance;
  • Pastoral and psychological care, taking into account the needs of sick children and their families;
    Outpatient specialist advice on palliative care, chronic pain management and specialised care.

Chapter III
The seat of the Foundation, area and place of operation

§ 7

The Hospice is located in Otwock (05-400) at 48 Karczewska Street.

§ 8

The Hospice’s area of activity covers the Mazovian Voivodeship.

§ 9

The place where the services are provided is the patient’s home and the Hospice facilities.

Chapter IV
Type, scope and conditions of provision of benefits

§ 10

The Hospice provides palliative and hospice care services for children and young adults up to 18 years of age.

§ 11

Hospice services are provided free of charge. The payment may be made only in the cases specified in the concluded contracts and does not apply to persons in situations of threat to life and health.

§ 12

Persons entitled to free of charge benefits are insured persons and other persons entitled under separate regulations, living and staying in the area of the Hospice.

§ 13

The services provided by the Hospice are in accordance with generally accepted national and global standards of palliative care for children. Health services shall be provided only by persons with appropriate professional qualifications and meeting the health requirements of the relevant legislation.

§ 14

The Hospice keeps medical records in accordance with applicable regulations.

Chapter V
Governing bodies of the Foundation

§ 15

The Hospice is managed and represented by the Director of the Hospice, appointed by the Board of the Foundation Home Children’s Hospice Promyczek.

§ 16

The Director of the Hospice is the superior of all employees and performs his tasks with the help of the medical director, the head nurse or, in their absence, the appointed deputies.

§ 17

The Director of the Hospice is responsible for ensuring that health services are provided by professionally prepared and properly educated specialists, ensuring the highest possible quality of services.

§ 18

The Hospice includes an organisational unit:

  • Home Children’s Hospice.

§ 19

The employees are employed on the basis of an employment contract or civil-law contracts:

  • a medical director, responsible for the supervision and realisation of health services in the field of palliative care for children and paediatrics, and for the procurement and control of medications, especially narcotic drugs and psychotropic drugs.
  • Nurses,
  • persons providing home hospice care services (doctors, physiotherapists, physiotherapists, psychologists, social workers, office workers).

§ 20

  1. The detailed tasks of the Hospice’s employees are defined by the scope of activities and responsibilities assigned by the Director.

§ 21

Organizational units are created, transformed and liquidated by the Board of the Foundation Home Children’s Hospice Promyczek by way of a resolution amending this statute.

§ 22

Detailed rules of operation, organization and order of the process of providing health services are specified in the Hospice Regulations determined by the Director.

Chapter VI
The financial economy

§ 23

The Hospice is financed from public funds provided on the basis of contracts, the procedure and rules for conclusion and termination of which are governed by separate regulations,
inheritances, legacies, donations, subsidies and public donations, including those of foreign origin, enabling a financial economy based on self-financing.

§ 24

In matters not regulated by this Statute, the generally applicable provisions of law, provisions of agreements concluded for the performance of statutory tasks and organizational regulations of the Hospice and the Statutes of the Foundation Home Children’s Hospice Promyczek.

§ 25

Amendments to this Statute shall be made in writing under pain of nullity.